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New Jersey iMap

View New Jersey iMap on interactive whiteboard or your computer.

Links to towns, parks, museums, and more New Jersey Places.


Display New Jersey iMap on your interactive whiteboard and let the map learning begin.

Completing Explore New Jersey activities, students will also

brush up on some of their math, history, science, and geography skills.

New Jersey iMap's hundreds of active web links include all 21 county sites, major cities,

the state parks and forests, NJ Transit, A.J. Meerwald,  Statue of Liberty,

Ellis Island, and the Appalachian Trail. In Fun Discoveries,

students click on the map’s active linksto find answers to questions about sites depicted

on the map. County Hop offers an interactive table of the 21 counties.

Students access the county web sites from the map to complete the table.

Explore a New Jersey City invites students to plan and compare bus and car trips to

New Jersey cities of their choice, compute costs, and choose attractions to visit.

The most extensive activity, Camp New Jersey, has students plan a month-long camping

trip to ten different New Jersey state parks of their choice. They will “make reservations,”

choose their sites, plan their activities including trips to local historic sites

and wildlife refuges, print out maps, calculate costs, and estimate traveling times.

All will be accomplished by linking to the state parks on

Afton’s New Jersey iMap.

The "Sample New Jersey iMap" below is approximately the bottom 1/3 of the complete New Jersey iMap

and contains a small sampling of the links, e.g., Atlantic City, Schooner A.J. Meerwald, Delaware Bay River Keeper, etc.

Sample New Jersey iMap

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