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How Our Freedom Was Won: Through Young Eyes

Ghosts, puppies, bears, does, fawns, new friends, and spirited adventures await 10-year-old Jessica and her 6-year-old brother, Jonathon. Accompanying Grandmamma and Grandpapa, they are off to celebrate Fourth of July, 1826.

On the eve of the celebration, Grandmamma, Grandpapa and other Revolutionary War participants tell their stories beside a roaring bonfire. They speak of battles, winter encampment sufferings, home front sacrifices and travails, triumphs, casualties, sorrowful farewells, and joyous returns. Interludes of lively discussion clarify war events.

On the Fourth, the celebrants feast, compete in contests and tug of wars, meet a slave, and get lost in an apple orchard. Excerpts from the governor’s speech portray life in 1826 while mind wanderings of an inattentive audience lighten the mood. At day’s end, Grandpapa reveals the family Mayflower Ghost legend to Jessica beside another blazing bonfire.

A little black dog, Patriot, romps through the Revolution. His look-alike namesake wins the hearts of Jessica and Jonathon.

Recently deceased Papa visits as a whisper — Jonathon once; Grandpapa and Jessica often, but unbeknownst to each other. The whisper coaches happiness and remains until he witnesses a delightful family jump into a stream.

Based on careful Revolutionary War research, it all could have happened.





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